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Special measures for public hospitals on Eid

“Hospitals must serve special meals to patients on the Eid day, and they have been asked to take special measures so that emergency and indoor services function smoothly,” he told bdnews24.com.  “Outdoor cannot be closed more than 48 hours at a stretch,” he said.  The director said they told the hospital administrators had been told on Saturday to strictly follow the order.

Dhaka-based big government hospitals keep functioning mostly with the help of non-muslim doctors and those who stay in the capital during the holidays.  Patient turnout, too, drops significantly. But at times they complain about the services during Eid.  Health minister Mohammed Nasim already warned hospital staff that he would not tolerate any negligence.
Resident Physician (RP) of the Dhaka Medical College Hospital Dr Raj Datta told bdnews24.com that they had prepared their special roster for the holidays.

“The outdoor will be closed on the Eid day only, if the festival falls on Saturday because Friday is the usual holiday, and we cannot keep outdoors closed for three days at a stretch.”
“But if the Eid is on Sunday, then we have to keep our outdoor open on Saturday,” he said, agency reports.

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