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Book-lovers wearing traditional dresses browses through books on Tuesday, Pahela Falgun. Photo:Courtesy

Spring in the Air; BD celebrates advent of Falgun

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DHAKA: Bangladesh is celebrating Basanta Utsab on the first day of the Bangla month Falgun. Pahela Falgun is observed at the arrival of Spring after Winter season.

The common saying of the day is, “Whether flowers blossom or not, it is spring today.”

Red, yellow and orange colors of clothes and flowers symbolize Spring. Men, women and children come out with festive moods to join the celebration program. Women put gazras (flower garland) around their heads.

Dhaka, especially the Dhaka University (DU) vicinity, is the main ground for various programs on this occasion, alongside Rabindra Sarabar in Dhanmondi.

Procession, rallies and cultural programs on Pahela Falgun welcome the king of the seasons and the start of sprouting of fresh leaves and flowers on trees.

A pair of birds rest on a branch of a Palash tree in full bloom just beside the Central Shaheed Minar on the Dhaka University campus yesterday. The bright orange flame-like flowers symbolise the arrival of spring or Pahela Falgun, the first day of the season in the Bangla calendar.

More to the celebration, the second day of Falgun (February 14) is the Valentine’s Day.

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