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Stock prices continue to fall amid higher selling

Share prices at Dhaka Stock   Exchange (DSE) continued sliding amid higher selling when  political outlook remained bleak,reports agency.
Some 7.11 crore shares changed hands on DSE on Monday, which   was less than the 3.0 percent below the Sunday’s trade volume of
7.29 crore shares. The market indicators, however, closed the day   lower on falling prices. Out of the traded 305 scrips, 187  incurred loss.   The large number of losing issues across the board brought  the daily trade value nearly 12.0 percent low at Taka 298 crore  from Sunday’s turnover value of Taka 336.65 crore.

The large-cap group and the mutual funds remained in the low   tide, driven by higher selling by investors who were offloading
shares for cash. Resultantly, market lacked fresh fund flow and   the high demand shares of many companies also saw volatility
despite announcing lucrative corporate disclosure.
The multinational companies, however, kept activities higher  during midday trading, which evaporated eventually with rising
selling peruses from high and mid-cap groups.

Shares from telecom, engineering, food and insurance were in   the front of the day’s lagging issues, with Green Delta  Insurance, National Tubes, Gemini Sea Food, Aziz Pipe and BSCCL  among the top five losing scrips. Among the sectors, telecom,  tannery, fuel and power and textile stocks most in market  capitalisation when cement sector gave the highest return.

Some issues of the telecom and engineering were also among  the advancing issues as some investors were scrip focused.
Finance, miscellaneous and textile issues also saw some gains  when the top five advancing issues included ILFSL, Beximco, Prime
Tex, Ifad Autos and BDCOM.
SIBL topped the turnover leaders followed by SPCL, SA Port,  Ifad Autos and Lafarge Surma Cement.

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