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Stocks fall on Tuesday

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Stock market suffered sharp fall on Tuesday, with 205 securities incurring loss among traded 319 issues, agencies report.  The price fall across the board caused 33.78 points loss to the broader index of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) that plunged below 4400-point mark on Monday and came further down at 4357.63 to close Tuesday’s session. The blue-chip DS30 was also 10.47 points down to end at 1662.39 when the Shariah DSES closed flat in red at 1055.97.

Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) ended the day down, with its major CSCX index finishing over 69 points lower at 8145.36. The daily transaction declined on the day as investors took cautious stance ahead of the national budget. A total of 8.29 crore shares changed hands for Taka 339.95 crore at DSE when the trade value at CSE was Taka 21.28 crore for 72 lakh shares.

Amid the lower market activities, 72 securities advanced at close, of which 58 were from large-cap group. Mutual funds managed to maintain relatively good position, with 11 funds gaining, though moderately.  At CSE, 156 issues closed lower against 50 advancing securities.

The top five gaining issues were BD Lamps, Berger Paint, Pragati Life, GQ Ball Pen and HWA Well Tex. The major losers were United Insurance, ISN Limited, Aramit, SP Ceramic and Samata Leather.

ACI topped the turnover leaders followed by MJLBD, Doreen Power, IBN Sian and Lanka Bangla Finance.

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