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Cold brewing... weather at Clevedon, Somerset, (left) Buxton, Derbs, (top right) and Skipton, N Yorks (bottom right) Getty/PA/Alamy

Storm Jake to bring another 4 inches of snow overnight and a freezing cold blast of -4ºC

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MORE snow is set to blanket Britain in the coming days in a fresh blast from Storm Jake, according to The Sun. As much as four inches is due in parts of the UK, while temperatures will again be below freezing on Thursday night. The cold snap will keep on into the weekend, keeping northerly and hilly parts of the country decidedly white.

 Shap in Cumbria was Britain’s coldest place on Thursday night, hitting a chilly -3.7ºC. It was closely followed by Redesdale, Northumbria, at -3.5ºC.The chills mean roads could be icy in the days to come.The Met Office issued a weather warning for everywhere north of the Home Counties on Thursday warning of treacherous driving.

It also said snow could again hit Yorkshire, the Midlands, the northwest and Wales today. Forecasters said a fresh wave of snow could come tonight as cold weather moves in over the Atlantic. Meteogroup forecaster Claire Austen said: “We’ve got a band of rain sleet and snow moving in overnight.

“Tomorrow morning much of Scotland and central to southern England will see early rain. “But through northern England parts are going to see some snow Friday morning and some overnight as well. “High ground, the Yorkshire moors and the Peak District, could see up to four inches of snow overnight and into Friday morning – though later in the day a lot of it could turn to rain.

“Overnight Friday it will turn quite cold. In the south east it could hit -4C.”

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