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Bhapa Pitha or vapor cake

Take taste of Bhapa pitha

Bhapa pitha

Bhapa pitha is one of the most popular pithas in Bangladesh, made of powdered rice, coconut and jaggery stuffed inside. It is one of the dessert items that truly represents Bengali cuisine.


2 cup parboiled rice

½ cup liquid milk

Pinch of salt

For the filling –

½ cup grated fresh coconut

1 cup date jaggery


Soak the rice for at least 5-6 hour. Drain the water out well. Now pour in a grinder or food processor. Mix some water (don’t take too much). Add salt and sprinkle milk in a way that the rice powder must seem wet, not dry at all. If the flour binds together when you hold some of them in your palm, the flour is ready. Now sieve the flour through the strainer. Take two pieces of clean cotton cloth and two small bowls. In a bowl spread some flour then add the coconut and jaggery. Cover it with another layer of flour. Cover it with piece of cloth and put in the steamer. Tap the bowl slightly, so that you can remove the bowl easily. Remove the bowl and cover the pitha with the remaining ends of the cloth. Steam for 4-5 minutes. Prepare the same way using the other bowl and cloth. You remove one pitha and place another.    Source: Oftrend

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