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Matthew Tupppeny took his own life after battling depression Cavendish Press

‘Talented and bright’ junior doctor, 30, killed himself day after discussing wedding with fiancée

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TALENTED junior doctor killed himself after discussing wedding plans with his fiancé, an inquest heard. Dr Matthew Tuppeny had battled depression for six years after failing an exam at university and was desperate to “be the best” at his job, The Sun reports.

But after the 30-year-old suffered a suspected bout of irritable bowel syndrome would stall his career prospects he took a fatal dose of anti-depressants at the home he shared with his fiancée in Horwich, near Bolton, Greater Manchester before later dying in the Royal Bolton Hospital.

 His mum Wendy said: “He was looking to the future. He was very happy with the relationship he had with Joanne and they planned to marry in the near future.“I don’t believe he intended to take his own life, he was just too positive and too happy. It didn’t follow his usual pattern of depression or what he usually did on previous occasions.”

His fiancee Jo Bartleman said the days before his death on September 28 last year, her partner appeared to be in a good mood. She said: ”There was nothing unusual on the Saturday, we had a really nice day he was very alert and very aware and I had no concerns. “On the Sunday evening we had dinner and a bottle of wine and I went to bed at about 10pm. Matt stayed downstairs. I was not aware of what time he came to bed.

“There were no problems with us that night. But I was woken at about four or five that morning and it was apparent that he was having a seizure. He went to the Royal Bolton Hospital.”  The Bolton hearing was told Dr Tuppeny was a ‘talented bright young man’ who studied medicine at Bristol University and had wanted to become a doctor to help others.

But whilst at college in 2009 a four year relationship with his then girlfriend had broken down and he subsequently failed an exam and was later diagnosed with depression. The hearing was told Dr Tuppeny took an overdose of paracetomol tablets in 2011 and in 2014 and was admitted to hospital in 2015 having drunk miniature bottles of vodka.

His mum added: “The incident at university affected his mental health quite significantly and from that time on he started to suffer with depression and because of that he was prescribed antidepressants. ”In respect of his moods he was mainly happy but would have small bouts of depression. They would come on gradually and he would gradually start to become lower in mood.

”He was quite guarded and private. He spoke to his brother about it. I think it was something to do with him failing an exam, he wasn’t used to failing. When I last spoke to him he seemed really happy and positive. It was his sisters 21st birthday and he was sending photographs of what he wanted to buy her, he was talking about his wedding and he was really excited.”

Recording a suicide conclusion, coroner Rachael Griffin told the family: “It would appear to me from the evidence that Matt was very close to his family but protected them also. “He seemed to be quite open with the mental health professionals about reasons why he took the overdoses. He was a qualified doctor and that meant he knew medicine and understood the affects that medication would have.

“It is clear that Matt was a very talented, bright young man with a very happy marriage ahead of him, he was very much cherished and loved. I’m very sorry to you for the way he came about his death.” If you are struggling with depression or other mental health issues call the Samaritans 24/7 for free on 116 123.

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