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Executives, staffs and guests celebrate International Women's Day at Peninsula Chittagong in the city.

‘Peninsula Chittagong’ Celebrates “The International Women’s Day”

To motivate their female staffs The Peninsula Chittagong celebrated The International Women’s Day with the theme of “Make it Happen”. They celebrated the Women’s Day in their monthly staff meeting at Dahlia Hall on 8th March. The program was started with the motivational speech of Mr. Mushtak Luhar , General Manager of The Peninsula Chittagong. He thanked all the female workers for working in a hotel by facing a lot of problems. To work during this unrest political situation it is not an easy matter for the women. Some women have to return home after completing their evening duty. But the female workers do not leave any stone unturned  to do their work properly. He also added that, The Peninsula Chittagong always tries to take care of the women for their good support and their braveness. The hotel wants to give chance to the women to work in the hotel because of their loyalty and honesty. The program was celebrated by cake cutting  and all the female workers were given a special gift each by the management, says a press release.

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