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Images via Guinness Book of World Records

The world’s longest bike stretches an astonishing 117-feet

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If you thought your bike commute was a challenge, imagine doing it on a 117-foot bike. The new winner of Guinness’ longest bike entry stretches out an astonishing 117 feet – longer than even the world’s longest limo. Despite its length, this bike still only needs two wheels to get going. Well, two wheels, and two riders – one to pedal from the back and one to steer in front – and a route that doesn’t require any turning.

Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg, a cycling organization in the Netherlands, took on the challenge of building the bike in order to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. And don’t go assuming that this is some sort of pseudo-bike, because it is the real deal. Made from the same type of aluminum trusses used in concert lighting, there are no stabilizers or “training wheels”. The back wheel for the bike is, however, extra fat in order to help keep it upright.

Although the contraption isn’t particularly hard to ride, according to team leader Frank Pelt, it won’t be making any appearances in your local bike store, since there is almost no location in the world where the bike could be turned around any corner. You wouldn’t need to worry about having a 117-foot garage to store it in though, since the whole thing can be disassembled so that storage isn’t an issue.

Unfortunately for Mijil Van Mares Werkploeg, their brief touch of fame might be short-lived; an Australian group has already built a longer bike and is a contender for next year’s record book. That bike is almost 136-feet long and requires 20 riders to keep it upright while in motion, according to inhabitat.com

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