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Sidharth Malhotra says his endeavour in most of his movies is to inspire people. (HT Photo)

The younger generation is level-headed: Sidharth Malhotra

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Sidharth Malhotra was a model before he forayed into the Hindi film industry,Hindustan Times reports. The actor has completed over four years in the business and acted in six films so far. “My endeavour in most of my movies is to inspire people,” says Sidharth. For him, it is important to be convinced about any project he signs and that no two scripts are similar.

“Kapoor & Sons (2016) was about connecting more with your family. Ek Villian (2014) was about the power to change something from negative to positive and forgiveness.

So, the story has to have meaning. If I don’t have a meaning to what I am doing, I am not convinced to be a part of that activity. It is important to inspire through our stories and cater to a wider variety of audiences. Hence, all my films were different, that is why it is also difficult to slot me in one genre. I find that personally exciting,” says the actor.

However, on asking about his fears and insecurities as an actor, Sidharth says that “We all have our fears”. “We get challenged by content, characters and various stories. I have had my set of fears in most of my movies. But the fun lies in overcoming them. My fear comes from the unknown, from unchartered territories or something I’ve not done before. However, it keeps me excited and motivated. I won’t take that as a negative. I hope I keep feeling scared, try new things, and try to master them,” he quips.

Ratna Pathak Shah, who has been his co-star in Kapoor & Sons, mentioned in an interview that Sidharth is someone who is not self-consumed. “Ratna ma’am has way more experience than me. Her statements have more weight behind them. It is sweet of her to say that and I take it as a compliment,” says Sidharth.

However, on asking if actors in general are ‘self-consumed or narcissistic’, he says, “As for my experience, I’ve mostly worked with the younger generation. They are level-headed and well aware of the level of stardom, and what it takes to become an actor. Maybe because none of us have reached that level of stardom yet. Also, that it is the professional aspect — it is not something we come back home for. We don’t come back home being stars. Your family will treat you the same way.”

Off the screen, Sidharth is someone who is not very expressive and gregarious. However, the actor says his “on-screen characters more than make up for that”.

“The best part to be in the movies is to live vicariously. Somebody like me gets to really express and have an outburst (of emotions through my films), say things, have new ways of saying it, and display different emotions. I don’t know why, but that’s the kind of personality I am. It is the profession, where it is never the same thing, each day is different. And, it is great for someone like me who is less vocal,” says the Baar Baar Dekho (2016) actor. The actor will next be seen in Reload, and the adaptation of Ittefaq.

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