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Rescue workers rest behind body bags with human remains retrieved from a mass grave at an abandoned camp in a jungle some three hundred meters from the border with Malaysia, in Thailand's southern Songkhla province May 2, 2015. Photo: Reuters

They starved us and threw the dead overboard, says victim

Petaling Jaya: Death, hunger and torture were all part of Bangladeshi national Mohd Rashid’s arduous sea journey from Teknaf to Malaysia, The Star reports. Rashid, 26, was seeking work to support his family when a man offered him passage for a pittance.

With high hopes, he made the treacherous voyage with over 400 other men in a boat in the hope of finding work on foreign shores – but ended up half-starved and thousands of ringgit poorer. He was lucky. Some of those who made the trip with him died of sickness and starvation, and their bodies were tossed overboard.

“By boat, we all went to the Myanmar border. There, we were loaded into a larger ship and taken to Thailand. From there we crossed the border into Kedah.”

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