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This is how to tell how much information Google REALLY has on you…

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How many times have you hit up Google to check something today?

From what the weather’s going to be like to TV schedules and restaurant recommendations, it’s the first port of call for most of us. There’s no problem with that, but how do you feel about someone somewhere knowing every little thing you’ve checked out online.

 We don’t need to go into examples, but there are some search terms no one needs to know about. Joking aside, it’s likely Google knows all sorts about you – where you live, which shops you like, the next holiday you have planned and when you’re going to be jetting off.

If that sounds a little worrying fear not, because there’s an easy way to find out what intel the site has on you.

1. Log on to Web & App Activity

Clicking on Web & App Activity is the first step to seeing how much is known about you online. The great thing about this handy app is it gives so much info, plus it’s all adjustable.

Select whether you want to see what you’ve searched for over the last day, week, month or even everything you’ve ever looked up.

You’ll get a bar graph presenting your searches per day, as well as the total number of searches you’ve conducted over the time period. You’ll also get to see your most visited sites, as well as the last things you googled.

Anything you’ve hunted for incognito won’t show up.

2. See what Google knows about you

Now it’s time for the main event, courtesy of Ad Settings. In this bit you’ll get to see what the site thinks it knows about you… but be warned, it could be totally wrong.

It’ll take a stab at your gender and your age, plus it might list some interests at the top. So in just a couple of clicks you can easily get the lowdown on your cyberspace profile.

Even more fun, by adding in a few random searches you can probably completely confuse it!

3. Adjust those ads

In the same screen you can even make changes to the sort of adverts you see. Decide whether you want them tailored to your interests or not, then flick the switch accordingly, according to The Sun.

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