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You can channel the style and grace of celebrities into your photos. Here are some dos and don’ts of posing for photography. (Source: ModaMob)

Tips: How to get a celebrity-like picture-perfect pose every time

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The current generation is probably the most photographed in history. You know what’s deal with uploading your pictures on Instagram? They stick around forever. In that case, wouldn’t you want to make sure you look your best in each of them?

Ever wondered how those celebrities nail it in every photo-op on every red carpet event? It all lies in their body language. Your body language creeps into your pictures too. Like in real-life interaction, body language makes a huge impact even in static pictures. The sophistication of the art of posing will surprise you. Here are a few tips on posing like a celebrity that’ll add that extra bit to make you look even more stunning than you always do.

Hand on the hip: It creates a negative space between your body and arms, slimming your arm in the process. It also creates a nice line up to your face. If you feel like it, don’t hesitate to rest both hands on your hips. Do relax those shoulders though.

Hands on the side: If you are wearing long sleeves, feel free to keep your hands on the side. Roll your shoulders a little and lean backward. It immediately adds a dash of confidence as it reflects good posture and elongates your neck.

Resting on one foot: If you are aiming for that casual, relaxed look don’t put all your weight on your front foot. Keep your front foot weight-less and place it at an angle in front of the back. You can also bend it a little to create a slimming effect. You can complement this pose either of the above mentioned poses. It looks equally graceful on relaxed arms on the sides and on the hips.

Pockets: If you have pockets, go ahead and use them, just don’t overdo it. Here you can uncross your feet and place them side by side with one elbow bent.

Leggy lass: When you are trying to flaunt your exposed legs, place them close to each other as it creates an elongating effect.

Source:The Indian Express

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