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The explosion was caused by nitric acid and ferric chloride, fire crews said. Continue for more photos...

Toxic Cloud Billows Over Spain After Blast

Chemical being delivered to a warehouse in the northeast of the country mixed together, exploded, and set a truck on fire, according to Sky News.

People in northeastern Spain have been ordered to stay indoors after a warehouse blast sent a giant orange cloud over a swathe of Catalonia. Firefighters say chemicals delivered to a factory in Igualada city mixed together, causing the explosion. Pictures of the blast show a massive, billowing toxic cloud pumping out of the building. The blast had also set a truck on fire. According to authorities, two people were slightly injured in the incident.

Some 65,000 people in Igualada and four nearby towns had to stay indoors for at least two hours while the cloud dissipated.  Pregnant women, children, the elderly and those with breathing problems were told to remain inside. The towns were temporarily locked down, with roads in and out of the area cordoned off. Fire crews said the chemicals that caused the blast were nitric acid and ferric chloride.

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