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Traffic Scotland warns of ‘giant spider’ above roadway

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Traffic officials in Scotland warned drivers of what appeared to be an unusual arachnid hazard on the roadway on Thursday,UPI reports. Traffic Scotland shared an image of a spider dangling directly in front of one of its traffic cameras on the M8 motorway giving the appearance of a giant spider floating in the sky.

 “Large spider invading the M8 at Livingston!” Traffic Scotland joked. The traffic authority played up the bogus traffic warning by encouraging drivers to flee the area as quickly as possible.

“Our advice…RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN,” Scotland Traffic wrote. Twitter followers joined in on the fun comparing the “giant” spider to monsters from horror films and asking when the roads would be safe again. Before any serious damage was reported as the result of a the “threat” it was announced that the spider was “long gone.”

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