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Supreet Kaur at the live bulletin. Screengrab courtesy Hindustan Times

TV anchor reads out ‘breaking news’ of husband’s death

Chhattisgarh’s private IBC-24 channel news presenter Supreet Kaur “left her shell-shocked colleagues speechless by her exemplary commitment”, says the Hindustan Times.

During Saturday morning’s live news bulletin, a reporter phoned in details of a fatal accident involving a Renault Duster at Pithara in Mahasamund district earlier in the day, and Kaur understood the three deceased included her husband, Harsad Kawade.

“She broke down, but only after having walked out of the TV studio after the news hour,” the Hindustan Times reported.

For at least 10 minutes after, Kaur kept her composure and continued with the bulletin on IBC 24, according to the Indian Express. A senior editor of the channel told the Indian Express it was “extremely proud” of the way Kaur handled this most nightmarish of situations.

“It speaks volumes about her sense of duty and professionalism that she continued, and kept her calm for another 10 minutes,” the newspaper quoted the editor as saying.

Kaur has a young daughter.

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