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Typhoon Nesat made landfall in Taiwan on Saturday evening leaving at least 81 people injured sill Sunday morning

Typhoon injures 81 in Taiwan as another storm approaches

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Taiwan’s first typhoon of the year has left 81 people injured and coastal towns flooded as the island braces for a second tropical storm, AP reports.

Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau says Typhoon Nesat made landfall on the northeast coast of Taiwan Saturday evening with maximum sustained winds of 137 kilometres (85 miles) per hour and gusts of up to 173 kph (107 mph).

Emergency response authorities say the howling winds hit people with flying glass and toppled motor scooters and even utility trucks. More than 10,000 people, largely from Taiwan’s south, were evacuated before the typhoon and 1,612 are still in shelters Sunday morning.

Nesat caused the cancellation of 145 international flights and cut power to nearly half a million households. A second tropical storm is due to reach Sunday night.

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