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UN meeting on ecommerce in developing countries Apr 24-28

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The 2017 edition of Unctad E-commerce week will be held from April 24–28 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, with the theme ‘Towards inclusive e-commerce, UNB reports’.

On April 25, the high-level event ‘Digital Transformation for All: Empowering Entrepreneurs and Small Business’ will be the highlight of the week.

An interactive dialogue with ministers and representatives of government, international organisations, industry captains, civil society members, academia and youth will be held, according to a message UNB received here from Geneva.

The event will set the scene for the rest of the week and provide different perspectives on how societies could adapt to the changing economic landscape brought about by the digital revolution.

It comes at a crucial moment when many governments grapple with the impact of the digital economy and the opportunities it presents for global growth and inclusive development.

While e-commerce is widely recognised as an important driver of innovation, competitiveness, job creation and growth, most developing countries need more assistance to benefit from the evolving digital economy.

The session will be moderated by Nancy Kacungira, news anchor and journalist, International African Woman of the Year Award in 2016 and BBC News Komla Dumor Award in 2015.

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