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UN renews call for peaceful political resolution in BD

The United Nations has reiterated its call for finding a peaceful political resolution in Bangladesh as it remains concerned about the current situation in the country, reports UNB.
“We’re obviously aware of the arrest warrant that was issued against the BNP chief. The Secretary General remains very concerned,” said the Spokesman for the UN Secretary General Stephane Dujarric at a regular briefing at the UN headquarters on early Thursday.

He said they are seeing these heightened tensions and the continuing political violence in Bangladesh.

“….and again, he (UN Chief) renews his appeal to all political leaders to seek a peaceful resolution to the current crisis for the good of long term development and the stability of Bangladesh,” he added.

Responding to another question, the spokesman said he has not seen the Amnesty International report. “I think I would just underscore once again the Secretary General’s call to all political leaders in Bangladesh to find a peaceful resolution out of the current tensions and obviously is a way to stop the violence that we are seeing.”

The Spokesman also stopped a questioner when he started narrating Bangladesh situation instead of asking question. “I’ll stop you there. I’m aware of the situation. I would just love to hear a question. ”

Another questioner apparently wanted to know about the review on recruiting peacekeepers from Bangladesh (…you know, allegedly perpetrated by the military that’s contributing soldiers…What does DPKO [Department of Peacekeeping Operations] do to review the people coming in?”

 In response, the Spokesman said he tried to answer to the best of his ability yesterday (Wednesday) when the questioner last asked it. “You know, I have no specific information on the case that you mention or the people you mention. There are procedures in place in order to ensure that DPKO uniformed personnel meet the requirements that we have and also in terms of human rights.”

 He also said if he has any information on those specific cases, he will share them with the questioner.

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