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Unused SIM can be resold now

Telecoms regulator BTRC has allowed resale of mobile-phone connections left unused for at least two straight years, reports agency. Operators were facing troubles over resale of the numbers unused for long. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission’s ‘Directive on Service and Tariff-2015’ has redefined the issues of deactivation, reactivation and reselling of cell-phone connections.    It says a connection may be automatically deactivated if it is not used for 90 consecutive days. The directive reads: “The consumer can then re-activate it by recharging the minimum admissible amount anytime within 365 consecutively unused days.

“If not, then the consumer can re-activate this connection (with same number plan) by paying a re-activation fee of not more than BDT 100 within 730 consecutively unused days.”
It has also re-fixed the validity and usability periods of recharges.  A recharge of Tk 10-30 will remain valid for a minimum period of 10 days, Tk 31-50 for 15 days, Tk 51-150 for 30 days, Tk 151-300 for 45 days, Tk 301-500 for 100 days, Tk 501- 999 for 180 days, Tk 1,000 and above for 360 days. – See more at: http://bdnews24.com/business/2015/03/13/btrc-allows-resale-of-mobile-phone-connections-unused-for-2-years#sthash.KWLfeHew.dpuf

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