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Donald Trump watches the results come in. Pic: @Eric Trump

US election: Donald Trump on course after key state wins

WT24 Desk

Donald Trump looks on course for the White House as Sky News projects victory in the key states of Florida and North Carolina, Sky News reports.

Pollsters, markets and bookmakers are now expecting Mr Trump to become the 45th president of the United States – but it will be several hours before the result will be known for sure.

Early exit polls had provided optimism to the Clinton camp, but shortly after 2am (UK time) the momentum began to shift as it emerged Mr Trump was edging ahead in a number of key states.The first swing state to be called by Sky News was Ohio for Mr Trump at just before 3.30am – and Florida, North Carolina and Georgia all followed for the billionaire. Hillary Clinton has taken Virginia and Colorado, and looks set to win the popular vote – but it is electoral college votes that count.

World markets began to respond as the US map turned red, with falls reported across Asia as well as neighbouring Mexico.

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