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Goat Yoga. (Photo: Facebook / FARRM)

US health department bans goat yoga class in New York

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The US Health Department has banned the trendy goat yoga classes in New York due to safety fears, the Daily Mail reported.

The 45-minute class is a normal yoga class only with goats around and about. The class called NY Goat Yoga was supposed to be the city’s first offshoot of this type of yoga.

However, the plan had to be canned after health officials told the organizers that certain animals were banned from city building and that included goats.

“The Health Department worked closely with the NY Goat Yoga, but because we prohibit direct contact with certain animals we were unable to process their application and issue a permit,” a spokesman is quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

Goat Yoga has become a huge craze across North America.  One animal sanctuary in Oregon hosts such classes is the Farm Animal Rescue and Rehoming Movement (FARRM) Animal Sanctuary in Canada.

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