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Users shocked at Govt decision to block FB every midnight

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Social media users are still in a state of disbelief at the government’s recent initiative in pondering whether to block social networking site Facebook for six hours from midnight,UNB reports.

 As stated in a letter issued by the cabinet division to the telecom ministry on March 27, the initiative may need to be taken “in order to ensure the development of students and youth” and because “it is affecting the students and dimming the working capabilities of the youths.”
“This is becoming more like controlling the internet-using citizens for greater despotism,” wrote one Murad Ali at popular forum group Desperately Seeking Dhaka (DSD.) MKM Masuk, another user, suggested the government divert their digital attention to something more productive such as decreasing internet charges instead.
“I do not know what the government’s problem is,” wrote Md Sazzad Hossain, a student, “whenever an issue arises, they put the blame of Facebook,” he said, “as if all of Bangladesh’s problems are caused by Facebook.”
Trolls and memes are already beginning to spring up, with several users suggesting that the downloads of Virtual Private Network (VPN) software will be up on the rise again, which will encrypt the user’s internet movement and unblock banned websites.c

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