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Vienna earned top marks in Mercer's Quality of Living report while UK cities failed to make an impact Getty . In second place: Zurich, Switzerland, New Zealand's capital, Auckland, was ranked 3rd on the list . Munich, Germany, ranked 4th in Mercer's Quality of Living Report while Vancouver, Canada, was chosen as the North American city with the highest quality of living.

Vienna voted best city in the world to live in — while British cities don’t even make it into the top 10

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WHEN TALKING about the world’s most desirable cities to live in, London, Paris and New York immediately come to mind, The Sun reports.  But according to a recent study, those cities are not even in the top 10 when it comes to quality of living. That title belongs to Vienna. The Austrian capital ticked all the right boxes in Mercer’s Quality of Life Survey, which took into account safety, access to healthcare, quality of education, housing and environmental factors when it assessed 230 cities worldwide.

 Zurich came in second place, followed by Auckland, Munich and Vancouver – North America’s highest ranking city.In spite of an increased terror threat, social unrest and an economy still trying to get back on its feet, Europe is still home to the world’s most liveable cities. Germany was the biggest winner, with three of its cities (Munich, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt) making into the top 10.

The report gave special attention to safety, as it is one of the key factors companies take into account when deciding to send their employees abroad.

Ilya Bonic, Senior Partner and president of Mercer’s Talent business said: “Heightened domestic and global security threats, population displacement resulting from violence, and social unrest in key business centres around the world are all elements adding to the complex challenge facing multinational companies when analysing the safety and health of their expatriate workforces.” British cities were placed further down the list, with London coming at 39, followed by Edinburgh at 46 and Birmingham at 53.

In spite of their tepid impact, Mercer said UK cities remain attractive destinations for multinational companies. Ellyn Karetnick, Head of Mercer’s International Mobility Practice in the UK, said: “Quality of living standards remain high across UK and European cities, making them attractive destinations for multinational businesses and their employees.”

Singapore was the highest ranking Asian city, while Luxembourg was voted as the world’s safest. In the US, San Francisco (28) ranked the highest for quality of life, followed by Boston (34) and Chicago (43). New York came at no 44. In South America, Montevideo (78), Buenos Aires (93), and Santiago (94) remain the highest ranking cities for quality of living, whereas Bogota (130), La Paz (156), and Caracas (185) rank lowest.

The lowest ranking cities were the Syrian capital of Damascus (229) and Iraq’s capital, Baghdad (230), both of which have witnessed continual violence and terrorist attacks that weigh upon the daily life of both locals and expatriates.

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