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Gwyneth has been known to publish unusual advice on her blog (Picture: Elisabetta Villa/Getty)

We should all be peeing in the shower and having more sex… according to Gwyneth Paltrow

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Since she set up her blog Goop in 2008, Gwyneth Paltrow hasn’t been shy of sharing some weird and wonderful tips with her readers – from why we should all be whipping up ‘sex bark’ for our partners to how to release a yawn properly. But her latest method for strengthening pelvic muscles might shock even the most ardent of Goop fans – by squatting and peeing in the shower, London Evening Standard reports.

Her latest blog post, The Secrets of the Pelvic Floor, lists handy ways to willfully relax and unclench the pelvic area – which apparently, we can easily  ‘lose the connection to’ over time. While most of us might try stretching and toning our nether regions with some floor exercises, Goop has other ideas:  ‘’Try peeing in the shower squatting down,’ advises the website, which even illustrates to readers how it’s done with a picture of a squatting model.

According to Gwyneth’s latest blog post, the pelvic floor is one of our primary stress containers, and because we’ve lost our ability to mindfully relax the area it can lose loses range of motion, tone, and flexibility over time. The Goop site also advises that having a baby can weaken the pelvic muscles – something that Gwyneth can relate to, having two children of her own.

And if you’re wondering how 41-year-old actress manages to stay looking svelte, she continues to say that releasing the area is the key to great sex and a flat tummy.   While the site recommends regularly engaging the muscles through core exercises and inner thigh rolls, her more unusual tip is to relieve yourself while taking your morning shower. The article even advises avoiding sitting on a toilet in favour of peeing in the shower.

‘When you squat to pee as opposed to sitting up straight on the toilet, you automatically engage your pelvic floor and it naturally stretches and tones’, the website says. ‘Because your urethra is pointed straight down in this position all you have to do is relax for urine to flow out easily – as opposed to sitting up straight and having to strain to empty your bladder.’ But it you’re not keen on urinating in the shower, here’s one other exercise which Gwyneth says ‘your partner will love!’

‘Having sex is not only fun, but it’s great for your body, mind, spirit, and pelvic floor – and it helps you exist in the moment,” Goop advises. ‘Sex chemically elevates mood and reduces depression, and orgasms trigger a rush of endorphins and human growth hormones, while also reducing cortisol levels.’

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