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Clockwise from top left: Now you see it: Mrs Guidolin shared a series of 'before' snaps just three days earlier. 'Every women's journey is different and it doesn't make one right or one wrong, this is simply my journey I am sharing' she wrote alongside the post. Ms Guidolin finally called quits on her training at 34 weeks. Above she is seen doing squats as part of her routine and She faced criticism online after she shared a photograph of her weight training at 26 weeks pregnant.

Weight-lift mum shows incredible transformation two days after birth

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Fitness guru Sophie Guidolin has shared a picture of her post-pregnancy figure after giving birth via c-section this week, Mail Online reports.  The Instagram star and now mother-of-four posted a selfie just two days after welcoming daughter Evie and Aria in to the world. Mrs Guidolin, who previously told Daily Mail Australia she would not be prioritising ‘pinging’ back to her pre-baby body, told followers she wanted to share her ‘reality’.

Wearing black underwear and sporting a small remaining bump, 26-year-old Sophie wrote alongside the snap: Today is 2 days since I gave birth to our twin girls (@evie_and_aria). ‘This post takes a lot of courage as I am only ‘just’ up and walking since having a c-section. Something I was hoping to avoid, however it was SO much better than I thought it would be and recovery has been pretty incredible so far! 

‘The babies were almost 5 pound each, so carrying 10 pounds of babies only 2 days ago is something I am proud my body has gone through and achieved.  ‘So many women whose pregnancy I have followed have posted photos 2 weeks later with no stomach, however this IS ‘my’ reality and your uterus doesn’t just ‘go away’ at the moment my uterus is still contracting to get it down to the normal/non pregnant size. My tummy is like a soft jelly and tender to touch.

‘These are in exact pair of underwear I posted a photo in the day before giving birth. Every women’s journey is different and it doesn’t make one right or one wrong, this is simply my journey I am sharing.’ [sic] The post has been flooded with hundreds of messages of awe and support from well-wishes, with many complimenting Mrs Guidolin on her appearance.  Sophie announced the arrival of her twins via social media on Monday.

‘In a complete newborn love bubble – introducing @evie_and_aria both almost 5 pounds [2.26kg], healthy and beautiful baby girls,’ Ms Guidolin, from the Gold Coast, told her 200,000-plus Instagram followers. ‘I am in absolute awe of my body, the creations we made and the incredible love my heart is filled with. Thank you for all of your well wishes.’ Not wasting any time, Ms Guidolin is determined to turn her newborns into social media stars and has already set up an Instagram account for the pair, which already has over 28,000 followers.

Her social media accounts have been flooded with messages of congratulations. ‘I was curious to see them, they are PERFECT! !! 🙂 Wish u happy, joy and health,’ one woman wrote. ‘They are so beautiful and healthy! Bet you are so in love,’ another follower said. But the fitness guru’s updates are not always met with positive remarks. While Ms Guidolin’s pregnancy body attracted much admiration, it was also met with controversy as she continued to maintain her slim body and small baby bump by continuing fitness training throughout her pregnancy.

She shared her journey with her loyal fans by posting regular videos and photographs of her progress. It was not until she was 34 weeks pregnant that she decided to call time on her intense workouts. The trainer and nutritionist shared a video of her last exercise day to announce she had ‘called it quits’. In the weeks leading up to her twins’ birth, Ms Guidolin – who is known for her positive attitude – opened up about the challenges.

‘Whilst pregnancy is very much a complete gift and not an opportunity to take for granted, it is certainly far from easy – especially carrying twins,’ she wrote. ‘For me, at this point the hardest thing is my sleep.’

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