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What do the stars have in store for you today? Mystic Meg Reveals all

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ARIES March 21–April 20

Pluto inspires you to turn secret ambitions into profitable action. Your emotions calm down just enough for you to access your true love feelings – then answer the important and exciting question that you will be asked.

 Luck gets stronger when you meet someone who looks exactly like you.

TAURUS April 21–May 21

With Venus and the sun in your sign, you take charge of your love life with the calmness and confidence that gets results from a relationship. If you’re single, when a newcomer’s first words match what you’re thinking, there’s love potential.

Talking to the family is good but listening is more important.

GEMINI May 22–June 21

Everything that makes you special comes into play as the moon moves into your birth sign. You can talk to anyone and keep them interested and entertained. Being able to forgive a friend has a lucky outcome for both of you.

Love-wise, you think a Scorpio is so not your type but it’s very passionate.

CANCER June 22–July 22

You can look beyond surface attractions to see who is ready for a genuine relationship. Or you learn something about your partner that makes you a stronger couple. Saturn turns weekend work with friends from a hobby to a proper business.

A prize for a relative can transform family life.

LEO July 23–August 23

The moon gives you a deeper understanding of people, so you can repair a family relationship. If you’re single, when an Aries newcomer smiles, you feel you’ve been friends forever and it turns romantic. If you’re already in love, with Venus in your success zone, partners can win and work together.

VIRGO August 24–September 22

Pluto and the sun link the two most adventurous zones of your chart and new faces and places inspire you. If you have showbiz dreams, plan your route to success today. Love goes to a new level now partners feel lucky to have each other.

Single? A favourite TV show is the key to finding new love.

LIBRA September 23–October 23

Strong and steady emotions let you be a rock for other people but also to rate yourself. Venus is strongly placed in your chart and feeling so close to a partner is special, just be sure to stay on the right side of taking an interest and checking up on each other.

Luck links you to Canada.

SCORPIO October 24–November 22

Venus meets Saturn and you handle relationships with a combination of kindness and strength. If you’re single, your new love dresses in a formal way but tells outrageous jokes. There’s a much more cooperative mood at home and family members could meet you halfway when you discuss finances.

SAGITTARIUS November 23–December 21

The moon focuses on partnerships and mutual commitment. Making a relationship work gets romantic results. Or if you’re single, you notice your new love when two groups of friends turn into one. Discovering more about your family past, or the true value of something in your home, may make you richer.

CAPRICORN December 22–January 20

You can let the mixed memories go and focus on the future of a partnership. If you’re single, Venus sets you the challenge of being daring but not reckless with your heart. Away from love, relatives who dream of setting up a business together can make it happen and there’s an important part for you to play.

AQUARIUS January 21–February 18

The moon shines a light on your prize chart adding luck to lottery tickets and sports results. It is the ideal time to discover how far your talent could take you. But when in love, it’s easy to neglect a good relationship but smarter to show how much it matters to you.

Add new treats to the love menu.

PISCES February 20-March 20

You can discuss the changes you want at home in a calm way, and let everyone have their say. Just a small compromise creates a positive mood that gets things moving. Pluto, planet of the unexpected, can transform a long, trusted friendship into wild and wonderful love.

Luck visits door number 11.

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