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Missiles of various shapes, sizes and uses were showcased by Iran. In a scene, an Iranian mid-range missile passes in front of a picture of Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei , An Iranian S300 missile system in the annual National Army Day parade; An Iranian military truck carries a US-made Hawk air defence missile system from the Shah era, when Iran was a US ally ; or Surface-to-air missiles are used to bring down enemy warplanes; in another image, Iranian army soldiers in full camouflage suits march past the platform; Suits like this are used by military marksmen and special forces to blend into their surroundings; At one spot An Iranian army orchestra performs during the parade; Iranian troops march as Iran shows off its military poweror A paratrooper flies the Iranian flag as he descends ; Many of the troops wore bright ceremonial gear; elsewhere, Iranian members of the volunteer Basij militia ; Iranian army cadets in front of the mausoleum of the late revolutionary founder Ayatollah Khomeini; Iranian F-14 fighter jets streak across the sky; or Iranian Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets perform a fly-past ; in another image are Iranian members of the volunteer Basij militia or F-4 Phantom fighter jets, a model originally developed for the United States Navy in the 60s

WHATEVER KIM CAN DO Now Iran brings out the big guns to bait Trump with show of military strength… so are THEIR missiles real?

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IRAN rolled out its missiles in a huge military parade today – just a few days after a similar show of force by North Korea, The Sun reports.

Troops from all units of the Iranian forces held massive military parades across the country this morning to mark the National Army Day.

In a clear signal to the West, huge missiles rumbled past a platform under the eyes of President Hassan Rouhani in the capital Tehran – much like Saturday’s parade held in Pyongyang by kim Jong-un’s regime.

The military parade saw units from all arms of the military show off missiles, tanks, armoured vehicles, weaponry, drones, fighter jets and air defence systems. A banner on one missile carrier read: “Death to Israel.”

The Iranian government-linked news agenct Tasnim wrote: “Iranian military experts and technicians have in recent years made great headway in manufacturing a broad range of indigenous equipment, making the armed forces self-sufficient in the arms sphere.


Terrifying new missiles proudly unveiled in a parade by North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un may be FAKE, experts claim.

The weapons, unveiled during a parade marking 105 years since the state’s found Kim Il-sung was born, caused fears around the world that the secretive nation’s nuke programme is far more advanced than previously thought.

But Chad O’Carroll, managing director of specialist service NK News, expressed doubts after seeing the nosecone of one of the final group of missiles “wobbled quite noticeably”.

And Lee Il-Woo, a senior analyst at the private Korea Defence Network, told AFP: “I suspect they all might be mock-ups aimed to impress the outside world.”

Meanwhile, BBC footage of the parade shows some of the rockets appear to have wonky nosecones.“Iran maintains that its military might poses no threat to the regional countries, saying that the Islamic Republic’s defence doctrine is entirely based on deterrence.”

Last week Russia, Syria and Iran strongly warned the United States against launching new strikes on Syria and called for an international probe into last week’s chemical attack there.

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Iran’s Mohammad Javad Zarif emphasized that the participants warned that any unilateral action by the US is unacceptable.

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