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Natalie Cepeniuk refused to apologise for posing with this picture with dead baby Kangaroo (Picture: Facebook)

Woman refuses to apologise for posting picture of herself ‘swallowing dead baby kangaroo’

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A pig hunter who caused outrage by posting a picture of herself putting a dead baby kangaroo into her mouth says she ‘couldn’t give a shit’, Metro.co.uk reports

Australian Natalie Cepeniuk posted the graphic photo on Facebook with the comment ‘I may have deep throated a joey’s neck’.

The image went viral with animal activists across the world criticising the content and the Australian RSCPA in New South Wales announcing it would launch an immediate investigation.

But Natalie refused to back down and claimed that as the joey was already dead, taking the photo should not be considered cruel.

She explained she had hit a kangaroo while out driving and returned to find its baby dying, arguing she ‘did the humane thing’ and killed it.

The image was widely criticised on social media and led the RSPCA to launch an investigation into the case. She defended the photo and blamed ‘greenies’ – a slang term for environmentalists used in Australia – and ‘haters’ online for the controversy.

She said: ‘How is it animal cruelty if the joey was dead?

‘Unlike all you sour c*** I like to make light of bad situations which is exactly what I did. Go and have a cry to someone else, cause I really couldn’t give a shit.’

She had originally said she was ‘doing a dare’ and was a ‘roo hunter’ but claims that was just a joke. As the animal was dead already when the picture was taken she cannot be prosecuted for animal cruelty.

According to New South Wales’ Department of Environment Code of Compliance for kangaroo shooting, female kangaroos killed must be examined for babies and if one is present it must also be killed.

Writing on social media, Ms Cepeniuk added: ‘The joey that everyone is carrying on about was not alive. It was HUMANELY put out of its misery because its mother jumped in front of my Ute.‘I did not shoot the mother so let’s get that straight. I could have kept driving and left the baby to die or get eaten alive by meat ants in the pouch but I didn’t, I turned around and checked the Roo.

In another Facebook post she said: ‘How is it animal cruelty if the joey was dead? Anyone who knows me knows I do love animals but I’m also a realist. I was not going to ring wires for an already mangled joey – that would of been cruel keeping it alive.’

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