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Geminoid F was dubbed 'the world's sexiest robot' after her appearance at the World Robot Exhibition in Beijing EPA. She has lifelike features but can't walk and needs to be wheeled around. Geminoid F costs £72,000 and her creators hope to improve on her design.

‘World’s sexiest robot’ is star attraction at tech show

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A ROBOT with rubber skin and eerily lifelike features has taken the tech world by storm – and been nicknamed “the world’s sexiest robot”, The Sun reports. Android Geminoid F can talk, is capable of eye movements and responds to eye-to-eye contact.

She can also recognise body language, smile and furrow her brow – but is unable to walk and has to be wheeled around. The £72,000 humanoid was the star attraction at the World Robot Exhibition in Beijing this week, with some even describing her as “sexy”. Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory at Osaka University created the humanoid, but plan to make a better model in future.

Kohei Ogawa, assistant professor, said: “Most voice recognition systems do not work, especially in this kind of noisy environment. “In the future we’re going to create some perfect AI system by using this robot.” It comes as robot creators claim that we could be having SEX with androids in the next ten years.

Geminoid F is equipped with motorised actuators and powered by air pressure, which allow her to “copy” human facial expressions. Earlier this year, the she became the first robot to star in a film, with a role in the Japanese movie Sayonara.

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