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Bruna Abdullah reveals that she married fiancé Allan Fraser in a low-key ceremony in May

The 8-month pregnant actor made the announcement, as “it was the right time”

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Model-actor Bruna Abdullah surprised many when she announced that she was expecting her first child with boyfriend-fiance Allan Fraser, in May. Now, we have learnt that the couple had tied the knot in the same month, The Hindustan Times reports.

They got engaged in June last year and when they went on a babymoon with their respective families, they decided to exchange rings and get married. Talking about why she didn’t reveal that she had tied the knot in May, she says, “There was no thought about hiding (that we got married). Getting married was the plan all along. But we didn’t mind not being married before having a baby either. It just seemed like the right time to tell now. Everything seems to be seamlessly falling into place. It’s a good time for us all.”

Bruna reveals that Allan and she discussed getting married often but for them “a wedding is a great excuse to get the most important people” in their lives together. “Since, we are embarking on a new exciting part of our lives, we wanted to marry before the baby was born. Planning a wedding is a stressful business, too, so we thought it was sensible to get it out of the way before we were up to your necks in diapers. We spoke about our commitment to each other long before we got married. We know it was destiny for us to be together. Being married does not change our commitment. Now, that we have a bun in the oven, we thought it would be good for our child to grow up in a secure married environment. Both sets of our parents have been happily married for decades and we want to re-create a similar loving family environment that we were both blessed with,” says the actor, who rose to fame with song Subah Hone Na De with Akshay Kumar in Desi Boyz (2011).

The wedding ceremony was a small affair with close friends on a cliff top overlooking the sea in Phuket, Thailand. Bruna calls it “more of a big holiday” than just a ceremony. She says, “Having people travel from many different continents to be there and share time together was wonderful. We planned the wedding mostly with friends and help from a local wedding planner. The result was out with our wildest imaginations and the venue, the day, the weather, everything was perfect. The most special moment was the wedding day itself. The ceremony, the tears of joy, the words of love and some awesome dance moves later on.”

In her eighth month of pregnancy, managing normal activities is getting “more difficult”. Bruna admits that she has had “a great pregnancy” so far, and it really hasn’t impacted most of her usual routine. “I have been keeping healthy and active during the entire pregnancy and Allan has been incredibly supportive. He is my rock. I am feeling great and now mostly just excited to meet our new family member!!!” she signs off.

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