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Trump and the Squad both want the same thing – and Pelosi is in the way

They both want to make the progressive women the face of the Democratic party – to push the party further to the left – but Pelosi disagrees Geoffrey Kabaservice American politics makes some extremely odd bedfellows. That’s worth keeping in mind when trying to understand why Donald Trump Twitter-trolled four progressive, first-term congresswomen of color – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New ...

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Donald Trump has made it clear: the only ‘real Americans’ are white and Christian

In a recent tirade from his bully pulpit on Twitter, Trump revealed who he thinks belongs in the United States – and who doesn’t Theodore R Johnson On Sunday morning, while journalists and talk show pundits were busy discussing visits to two migrant detention centers by Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Lindsay Graham, Donald Trump sought to change the subject by ...

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Where are the politicians with principles they would stand down for?

Over Brexit and antisemitism, Labour and Tory MPs are confronted with character-defining moral questions Andrew Rawnsley In her swansong appearances at the dispatch box, Theresa May is endeavouring to get in touch with her funny side. She recently tried mocking Jeremy Corbyn by quoting Groucho Marx. “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.” I ...

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Narcissists and cliques control the main parties and threaten democracy

Labour and the Tories have been taken over by activists who seem to care little for the voters Nick Cohen Party democracy is the enemy of representative democracy. Party democracy stops MPs speaking out against racism and warning of the perils facing their country. Party democracy makes politicians put their members ahead of their constituents. Party democracy makes them flatter ...

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Can’t UK govt correspond safely?

In the case of Sir Kim Darroch, the UK’s recent ambassador to the United States, the plot took to the international stage. FARRUKH DHONDY “You drowned yourself in fantasyThe heart grew bitter in that swellTruth is there for all open eyes to see— Oh answer the summons of that bell”From Custom and Sharab by Bachchoo The plots of Renaissance and ...

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