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Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. Sector-wise Index

WT24 Desk

Serial No.Sector NameTodays Index
(12 Jun 2019)
Previous days Index
(11 Jun 2019)
Change in Point
Change in Percent
1LIFE INSURANCE105252.8104105258.5279-5.7175-0.0054
2GENERAL INSURANCE8904.27588664.0877240.18812.7722
3TEXTILE N CLOTHING2032.01432043.7283-11.7140-0.5732
4PHARMA N CHEMICAL33726.048833734.3634-8.3146-0.0246
5FOODS N ALLIED17058.807116898.6565160.15060.9477
7ENG N ELECTRICAL6228.09656226.92411.17240.0188
8LEATHR N FOOTWEAR6684.25696698.2146-13.9577-0.2084
9SERVICES N PROPERTY1775.23051783.3385-8.1080-0.4547
10PAPERS N PRINTING861.7503872.3020-10.5517-1.2096
12MUTUAL FUNDS5342.28775340.08222.20550.0413
16LEASING N FINANCE21870.965121882.4745-11.5094-0.0526
Note: For all the sectors’ indices the Base Dates are set as 30 December 1999 and Base Indices as 1000.

Date: 12 Jun 2019

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