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Deer crashes through both backseat windows of moving car

A New York state man received a shock while driving when a deer crashed through a backseat window — and promptly crashed back out the opposite window, UPI reports.

Roger Johnston, a photographer and proprietor of Captured Momentz Photography in Rome, said he was driving on Route 28, near Forestport, when the doe crashed through the backseat window of his Kia Optima while he was going about 55 mph.

“Nobody can believe it. I can hardly believe it myself,” he told “I saw the deer coming at me from the driver’s side and it started to leap. Next I knew, I heard a loud crash. I stopped and there was glass and fur everywhere in my back seat. No blood — just glass and fur. It went right through both windows. It didn’t touch the car doors.”

Johnston said he feels fortunate the animal was a doe, instead of a buck with large antlers.

“Fortunately, it didn’t come through the driver’s side front window. It probably would have killed or severely hurt me,” he said.

Johnston said he ended up spending the rest of the day as planned, photographing nature — including some area deer.

He said his windows are repaired and there doesn’t seem to be any lasting damage to the car.

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