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EU warns it could miss climate targets for 2030

Bloc must take ‘urgent action’ to address climate emissions, biodiversity loss and natural resource use, warns European Environment Agency

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The European Union says it will miss its targets for reducing planet-warming greenhouse gases by 2030 unless member states make a greater effort than they have so far, Agencies report.

The European Environment Agency said Wednesday that existing measures put the EU on course to cut its emissions by 30% in the next decade compared with 1990 levels.

Currently, the 28-nation bloc aims for a reduction of 40% by 2030, and some have even called for this target to be raised to 55%.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and others have also backed a long-term target of ending virtually all of the EU’s net emissions by 2050, a goal that appears far out of reach for now.

The report came as officials from almost 200 countries meet in Madrid for U.N. climate talks

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