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Google Pixel 4 will unlock even when your eyes are closed

Google introduced face unlock for the first time with the Pixel 4 series. Although late to the game, Google said its face unlock is highly advanced and secure. Turns out the Pixel 4 can easily be unlocked even with the user’s eyes closed, The Hindustan Times reports.

BBC’s Chris Fox demonstrated Pixel 4’s face unlock with his eyes closed and the phone unlocked. He even tried this with different users and the same thing happened. Contrary to what Google says about the Pixel 4’s face unlock being secure, this can actually be a serious security issue if in the wrong hands. This isn’t a flaw or bug in Pixel 4’s face unlock and there’s no option to turn it off either. Google’s support page also confirms the same.

The only workaround for this is turning on lockdown on Pixel 4. This will disable face recognition unlocking along with notifications, fingerprint unlocking and Smart Lock on the Pixel 4. For those concerned, the safest option would be to not use Pixel 4 at all.

Facial recognition on the Pixel 4 can also be used for confirming payments and signing in to some apps. It’s also quite flexible than other phones making it easy to use. Pixel 4 will recognize and unlock even if the phone is held upside down. Pixel 4 can unlock “even when you don’t intend to”. Google also says the user’s facial recognition details are kept on the phone and protected by Titan M security chip.

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones will go on sale in October 24. The new Pixel phones will however not make its way to India.

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