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Harvard Law asks students to stop feeding loose library bird

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 Officials at Harvard Law School in Massachusetts sent a message to students with an unusual request: please don’t feed the loose bird in the library, UPI reports.

Visitors to the Harvard Law School Library reported spotted a small bird flying around among the stacks in recent days, and officials said they are working on a plan to capture and remove the academic avian.

Jocelyn Kennedy, executive director of the library, sent a message to students asking them to stop giving the bird food and water.

“I could never have imagined writing this request, but here we go: please don’t feed the bird in the library. We’ve been assured that a day or two without food or water will not harm the bird. Once the bird tires itself out, we will be able to safely help the bird move outside,” Kennedy wrote.

Arkansas State University’s Dean B. Ellis Library had its own wildlife problem this week when some raccoons fleeing recent rains took refuge inside the building. A student snapped a photo of one wet raccoon standing next to some bookshelves.

ASU officials said the raccoons were trapped by maintenance staff and released outside.

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