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Instagram Rolls Out Option to ‘Pause All’ Notifications

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Sick of Instagram sending your constant updates about every new post, Instagram Live-stream and Story?

Now you have an option to help control your notifications – the Facebook-owned app is rolling out a ‘Pause all’ option which will enable users to stop any and all notifications from the app for a chosen period of time.

As you can see, when you tap on the ‘Pause all’ toggle, you’ll be able to switch off notifications for anywhere up to eight hours, enabling you to silence the app completely, rather than having to individually switch on and off specific notification types one-by-one. 

The option was spotted by social media expert Matt Navarra, who initially spotted the same in testing last month. The ‘Pause all’ toggle is being rolled out on iOS, but is also reportedly available within the Android Beta app.

Given the amount of time we now spend on social media, it’s good to have an option to shut it down completely every now and then, with the pressure to constantly be online and stay up to date becoming overwhelming, and even psychologically damaging for some. 

Instagram is particularly well-known for driving obsessive behavior among younger users, so providing an off switch is a good option. Being able to shut it off for periods will help people distance themselves from the online world, and avoid the concerns that come with it, according to socialmediatoday.

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