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The Juggernaut is a subscription media company for the South Asian diaspora

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Everyone and their dog seems to have an email newsletter today, but what happens if and when yours takes off? Some have gone down the paid route, but another credible alternative is to turn it into a subscription media business.

That’s a route that The Juggernaut, a new pay-to-play publication targeted at the Indian diaspora, is going down now.

The company is part of the current Y Combinator  cohort and is looking to make a mark by giving a voice (and insight) to the South Asia diaspora without relying on advertising.

There are already a collection of member-based media services that go after the tech audience — think The InformationStratecheryThe Ken in India… even TechCrunch’s own Extra Crunch — from which The Juggernaut is drawing inspiration, but its play is more akin to The Athletic, the sports-focused publication that graduated the YC program nearly three years ago.

“Our goal is to tell the untold stories of the South Asian diaspora,” founder Snigdha Sur, an American of South Asian parentage who is based in New York, told TechCrunch in an interview. “When China came on to the world stage, everyone wanted to get smart about China, but now there are many in the diaspora who are looking to get more smart about South Asia. We’re second- or third-generation Americans trying to find our voices.”

A subscription to the Juggernaut costs $4.99 per month, with a discounted $3.99 option for those who commit to a year. Students are eligible for a $2.49 rate, according to techcrunch.com

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