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‘Trend of reprises, remixes killing originality’

Despite an enviable list of chartbusters like ‘Ikk Kudi’ (Udta Punjab), ‘Daryaa’ (Marmarziyan), ‘Kya Hoga’ (Dedh Ishqiya) and ‘Kukkad’ (Student of the Year) singer Shahid Mallya is yet get his due.

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Despite an enviable list of chartbusters like ‘Ikk Kudi’ (Udta Punjab), ‘Daryaa’ (Marmarziyan), ‘Kya Hoga’ (Dedh Ishqiya) and ‘Kukkad’ (Student of the Year) singer Shahid Mallya is yet get his due. “The current trend is that as soon as a song is sung by someone, two-three reprised versions of it come out in which the original credit gets lost. But, this won’t happen for long and sach ko samne aana hi hoga (truth will prevail),” said Mallya during a visit to Lucknow for a college concert, according to The Hindustan Times.

The ‘Oye Happy’ singer lent voice to Shahid Kapoor in Udta Punjab but the limelight was hogged by actor-singer Daljit Dosanjh who sang its reprised version. “Jo sunne waale hain (music connoisseurs) or those who really love music, check the credits, and it translates into more work and shows. Currently, it’s a trend that songs are projected in such a way that the benefits are reaped by big names. I am confident that I will get my due,” said the singer who recently won an award for ‘Daryaa’ with co-singer Ammy Virk.

The singer is also not in favour of remixes. “I have said no to many remix songs. Personally, I don’t like remix songs especially of singers like Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik and others who are still active. Some 15-years back I had sung 1-2 remix during my initial days but since then I have not done any and am still not in the mood to do one,” he said.

His first major hit was ‘Rabba main to mar gaya oye’ in Pankaj Kapur’s directorial debut ‘Mausam’. Talking about his journey to films the ‘Toh Dhishoom’ singer said, “I come from Firozpur (Punjab) and have studied in Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan). My father was a singer and a shagird (disciple) of Mohd Rafi saheb but after a major accident he could not peruse singing. I have learnt from him and became a singer to fulfill his dream. Initially, I thought I won’t be able to do it and become a music teacher but then I made his dream my dream and came to Mumbai.”

Mallya’s last song was in the recent release R.A.W. (Romeo Akbar Walter) and has more songs coming. “I have sung for Amit Trivedi and Pritam da (Chakroborty) but as the trend is, I can’t talk about the songs as we all are bound by a contract. Also, you never know which singer’s song eventually comes out, as one song is sung by two-three singers these days and various factors decide its fate,” he said, adding that he is preparing for two singles and some songs for a YouTube channel.

The singer is not new to Lucknow. “I have been coming here for many years, but what I don’t miss is going to Deva Sharif. This time too, I came a day earlier and went to the dargah. Hum to bas zirayat karne ki jagah dhoondtey rehtey hain. (I just keep hunting for pilgrimage). I love Lucknow’s Urdu adab (warmth) and sukoon (peace),” he said.

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