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Vermont town elects goat mayor

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A Vermont town is hailing the election of its unusual new mayor: A 3-year-old Nubian goat named Lincoln.

Town Manager Joe Gunther said he decided to hold an election for an animal mayor of Fair Haven, which does not have a human mayor, as a means of raising money to replace a school playground.

Residents were given the chance to nominate their pets for the mayoral office in exchange for a $5 donation toward the playground cause.

Lincoln bested the second-place finisher, a dog named Sammie, by only two votes.

Gunther said Lincoln will be sworn into office at a Select Board meeting Tuesday. He said she will serve a one-year term with duties including marching in the Memorial Day parade.

“Fair Haven Fridays, the occasional show-up, spring fling, all the major functions,” Gunther told the Rutland Herald.

He said the election turned into an educational opportunity for the town’s children.

“Originally we did it as a fundraiser to replace the playground behind the school, but it really turned into a small civic lesson for the children. ‘Come out and vote. Get involved in the town,'” Gunter told the Burlington Free Press.

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